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These organizations are distributors or offer discounts on CERTI courses for their customers.

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Course Distributors

ANC-2.JPGAcsion Nuclear Consulting
Canada Distributor

micro_logo_a.jpgMold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization


National Radon Defense

Exclusive Radon Services Network which provides turn-key marketing, sales, and production systems & training to ensure profitability

 pds.gifProfessional Discount Supply

Radon Mitigation Supplies

RadonBeGoneRadon Be Gone


Nationwide radon services offering satellite locations and franchise opportunities




Course Discounts


 Air Chek, Inc.



Manufacturer and distributor of charcoal radon test devices.

femto-tech.gifFemto-TECH, Inc.


Manufacturer and distributor of continuous radon monitors


RadElec_logo.jpgRad Elec, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of electret ion chambers

 sun_a.jpgSun Nuclear Corporation

Manufacturer and distributor of continuous radon monitors


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Attention Students!! Great News!

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Unfortunately, to make this happen the site will be down as follows:  Midnight Sun Sep 21 - Midnight Sun Sep 28

In the meantime, if you need access to coursework during that time frame (audio, video, or course manuals) you can download those files directly to your computer ahead of time and access them locally.

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Feb 2013 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a policy for the identification of and mitigation of radon in FHA Multifamily mortgage applications – CERTI course Conducting Surveys in Schools and Large Buildings covers the unique aspects of large building surveys and includes numerous resources to help you conduct these surveys as well as an explanation and copy of the AARST Protocols which are to be followed as a part of the HUD requirements.  - Preview of Course

More information on the HUD Policy  - An audio interview with Peter Hendrick, Executive Director of AARST and Shawn Price, President of AARST


Now Available - Canada Entry Level Radon Measurement and Mitigation Courses
Recently updated to comply with Health Canada Protocols (Feb 2013)

All CERTI CE Courses approved for Canada (CNRPP)




ALL CERTI Courses Now Accepted by PA -
As of July 1, 2012 the state of Pennsylvania now accepts ALL CERTI entry level and CE Courses!


New 8 CE Course Approved and Ready!

Design and Installation of Radon and Soil Gas Collection Systems in New Building Construction
Recorded at the 2012 Region 8 Stakeholders Meeting